Back in the day you and me baby Viral Tiktok clip

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kayode ewumi meme

Back in the day you and me baby original singer Kayode Ewumi was Tiktok famous for his song that people used to clip their past memories.

Kayode Ewumi- Original Actor/singer

kayode ewumi - Think hard meme
kayode ewumi – Think hard meme

I can still feel this adoring love Like I never even forgot Like we were never apart and Like we’re not done yet Like we’re not done yet Like Back in the day, me and you baby

kayode ewumi now

back in the day you and me baby
Back in the day you and me baby Orginal singer

kayode ewumi was in his twenties and colge school age when he done that song and become Think hard meme after…

He explains how he became a meme.

The Famouse Tiktok song

Back in the day you and me baby

Imagine the late and famous musician and singer, Tupac Shakur, is standing in front of you and he is telling you the story of his famous song, “Back in Th Day”. He always loved using his powerful voice to bring people together and enjoy the experience of music together.

He loved to use his words to express his feelings and thoughts. The song “Back in The Day” focuses on the past and how much it has changed since he was born. The lyrics, “I wish I had a time machine so I can go back in th day. To tell my moms the things I didn’t get to say”, express his deep desire to go back in time and warn his mother about the dangers before she passed away

Young kayode ewumi strick again?

While some people may think that Back the day song by the D.J. Jazzy Jeff is just another song about love, I see it more as a song about life. The song is all about the good old days. It sounds like he is reflecting back on his life, maybe regretting some of the decisions he’s made.

kayode ewumi Tweets

The song is about a girl and guy who reminisce about the times they were young and crazy, and they wish to relive them again.

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